This is both parts of my game for the Global Game Jam 2018 where the theme was transition!
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A late night at the office leads to strange visions
Help spread the love with a tiny dragon who loves to hug!
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What would you do if you could start it all over?
Visual Novel
A game where time is of the essence and your future painting career hangs in the balance!
Visual Novel
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A story in which you must guide a math professor to his greater destiny.
Help the doctor escape the patient that he thought he cured.
A discussion of anxious feelings
Follow Murph as he gets ready for his day.
Very short twine story I did that's just nonsensical philosophical ramblings
Help a small bird collect his favorite food, sunflower seeds!
An endless runner that's both heavenly and hellish to play!
A simple platformer with a tasty twist!
Role-Playing game in which you level down instead of up!
Role Playing