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Heaven's Handyman is a game in which I tried to experiment with procedural generation of platforms and enemies. The music itself is also randomly selected from a list of heavenly or hellish options depending on the player's choice.

Join Heaven's Handyman in his quest to flip on all of the breaker switches in the Extremely Long Backroom of Heaven to turn on the Golden Escalators that broke down during the Rapture. Can you avoid the infinitely spawning minions of Hell all while avoiding the deadly lava that chases after you?

Heaven's Handyman is an infinite runner style of game in which the game ends when the player dies. The main objective to to try and get the highest score possible before dying.

This game supports both keyboard and Xbox 360 controller control schemes!

More information

Published228 days ago
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Step 1: Download the .zip file

Step 2: Extract the files into a centralized location

Step 3: Make sure to keep the data file in the same place as the executable file when running the game

Step 4: Run the .exe file and have fun!


Heaven's Handyman.zip (43 MB)